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1200 word political advocacy research essay. I have attached an essay prompt. Please follow it thoroughly. Please be specific about who you are writing to. Please let me know the topic and who you want to write to before you start. Thank you.

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Political Advocacy/Argument essay
(1000-1200 words)
Assignment: Write a persuasive letter to a specific audience (a government body, office,
individual, newspaper) that aims to advocate on behalf of the cause you believe in. You will need
to convince the addressee that your beliefs are valid, and s/he/they should do what you are
You will need to construct a concise, persuasive letter, based on the stance you have developed
about a particular problem you see in the Auraria/Denver/Colorado/United States/World
community. You will need to have a firm stance and evidence to to support that stance or else
your letter will not be convincing.
Objective: learn to construct a clear and compelling, researched argument that uses your
personal experience and research to convince an audience to do what you want them to.
Audience: the addressee of the letter. To properly address this person or these people you will
need to research the audience in order to determine how to best to approach him/her/them.
Resources: the writing center, class readings, class exercises.

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