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2 assignments attached. one is 5 page and second is 7 page.


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Assessment Report – 40%
Updated 14/8/17
You are an IMC Manager of a company or starting a company. Write an Integrated
Marketing Communication Plan (IMC) of 2000 – 2500 words maximum not including
Develop and write an alternative IMC plan that involves the company you currently work for
or the company you want to start up. You must address the following in your IMC plan.
1. Brief background, of company its products/services and its marketing objectives.
2. Information on the target audience segment analysis.
3. Develop at least 3-5 communication (advertising) objectives – such as developing
brand awareness, promoting product/services and company knowledge, influence
interests or consumer attitudes, developing, the product’s image or influencing the
purchase intentions.
4. Choose one of the alternative styles of creative advertising and justify your
communication objectives ethical issues.
5. Develop a media plan – select the media vehicle(s) you will use to achieve your
objectives and creative strategy. Justify your use of specific media based on how
communicates with your target market.
6. Provide details of its evaluations/how will you measure IMC plan effectiveness.

This is an individual assessment (no groups).
Be creative
You are IMC Manager and your report should be professionally presented
PRS304 Individual Assignment Instructions
Developing a corporate communications tool
Students will be provided with a selection of topics* to choose from. Then they are required to develop a
webpage, a newsletter or a brochure for an organisation of their choice. It is also required that students show the
rationale behind chosen approaches. All of these communication tools can be developed using Microsoft Word.
Other software such as Publisher or design software can be used if available.
Students are to write a produce one of the following communication tools in electronic format.
1. A 4-page colour newsletter
2. A 4-page colour brochure
3. A website with a home page, navigation and at least three other pages.
Part 1
Write a one-page rationale for their chosen tool. Include detailed information on the following:
Target audience
Rationale for choosing this communication tool
Planned distribution method and promotion activities for this communication tool
Identification of the people and resources required to produce this communication tool.
Outline of the development, approval and production process
Part 2
A 4-page colour newsletter (Include: an introduction, at least 4 articles/news releases, at least 4 images, a
logo, and name/masthead, contact details)
A 4-page colour brochure (Include: a cover page, at least 4 articles/news releases, at least 4 images, a logo,
and headline, contact details)
A website with a. A 4-page colour newsletter (Include: home page, navigation (with working links) and at least
three other pages, an about us, at least 4 articles, at least 4 images, a logo, contact us details, legal information)
Finished Format
The finished communication tool is to be saved as a PDF and submitted by e-learning by 5pm, Friday Week 10.
Remember to proofread your communication tool, caption all images and include working links of doing the
Version 1 21/8/17
Marking Guide
10 marks
10 marks
20 marks
Quality control and proof reading
10 marks
50 marks
*Possible topics
Students can select one or more of the below topics (or a topic of their own choosing) on which to
base their communication tool.

Move to new head office building
Launch of a graduate recruiting program
Information program for local residents
Update on development of a new light rail network
Opening of a new hospital or school
Environmental update
Launch of a new computer system
Opening of a tradeshow
Community visits by a politician
Information about road safety
Information about a soccer carnival
Fundraising for sick children
Citizenship ceremony for aliens from space
Version 1 21/8/17

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