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3. SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT: RESEARCH PAPER (8-PAGES, DOUBLE-SPACED, 12PT FONT) ON SPANISH-SPEAKING CARIBBEAN MIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. STUDENTS MAY CHOOSE EITHER19TH CENTURY MIGRATION, SETTLEMENT AND ASSIMILATION OF PUERTO RICANS OR CUBANS OR20TH CENTURY OR CURRENT MIGRATION, SETTLEMENT AND ASSIMILATION OF ONE OF THESE GROUPS: PUERTO RICANS, CUBANS OR DOMINICANSALL PAPERS MUST:Include a history of migration/immigration from the chosen country of origin to the United StatesConsider socio-cultural, economic, political conditions in both the country of origin and in the United States during major migration/immigration periods.Consider how groups of immigrants pushed are out by challenging circumstances in the country of origin (such as natural disasters, mass unemployment, political strife, for example) or pulled in or attracted by circumstances by the United States (the offer of new jobs, better education for children, safety from persecution, for example) at a particular point in time.Take into account how the country of origin regard potential immigrating groups (does it facilitate migration or make it difficult, for example) and how migrant/immigrants are received (both through immigration laws or policies and/or by society in general) in the United States. If significant, consider similarities or differences between earlier or later immigrants from the same country, relationships among them and second/third generation members of their community and/or with other U.S. Latinos in the U.S. or other populations in this country.Consider how immigration has impacted the particular country of origin students are exploring and how they have affected United States as the receiving country.PLEASE NOTE THAT EXCESSIVE QUOTING OR FAILURE TO QUOTE OR REFERENCE MATERIAL WRITTEN BY SOMEONE ELSE THAT YOU PRESENT IN YOUR PAPER OR, USING ANY MATERIAL BORROWED OR PURCHASED OR TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM BOOKS, MAGAZINES OR JOURNALS OR THE INTERNET WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC F ON YOUR PAPER AND/OR THE COURSE AND REFERRAL TO THE APPROPRIATE ACADEMIC AUTHORITIES AT THE UNIVERSITY FOR FURTHER ACTION. PLAGIARISM AND CHEATING ARE VERY SERIOUS MATTERS. If you have further questions about what plagiarism (and/or cheating) entails, please refer to NJCU’s Academic Integrity Policy found in the Gothic Guide. The Student Handbook . You may also want to review the document titled, “Plagiarism, What it is and How to Avoid it”, located at (The new page will appear automatically. Scroll down and click on the title above).

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