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A response to the play Pride and prejudice, the description is attached.

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Response Paper: Pride & Prejudice (Due October 27)
You will attend a performance of Pride and Prejudice at Towson’s Theatre Department.
Please attach the ticket or playbill from the night you attended.
It will be handed in in person, no late papers will be accepted.
Please reply to the following:
1. Identify the given circumstances surrounding a character in three separate scenes.
2. Describe how the actor made you aware of these circumstances both physically and
vocally during these chosen scenes. Was their interpretation of how to react to the
given circumstances appropriate? Were their movements and speech clear? Were there
any moments that were unclear?
3. Identify four separate instances in which you would have used one of Stanislavski’s
principles. Include all four.
Please keep any synopsis of the show to a minimum and use only when needing to further
explain your commentary.
The response should be two-four pages, MLA format. Please take note that spelling and
grammar will be assessed. Please attach with a staple or paper clip (no folding).

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