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1.After reading the short stories, make a comment about the short stories.After Reading the three short stories, go to Discussion Board and make a comment about the short stories: How is “the Misfit” and Young Goodman Brown similar and different? or How is Emily and “the woman” similar and different? Support your response by giving textual evidence and use MLA formatting. Make sure you respond to at least one other classmate. Your initial should be at least 100 words and written grammatically correct!2.Reply this one student’s reply (50 words) What part can loneliness play in mental illness? For two women, it was the biggest blow that sentthem spiraling down into that dark, deep hole of depression. Miss Emily, in “A Rose for Emily”, stayedshut up in her home for ten years. Outsiders only seeing her maid go in and out from the market. Emily’sfather had died, and her soon-to-be husband had left her. Later in the story, we find that her lover hadactually died in the house, and not really left.“After her father’s death, she went out very little; after her sweetheart went away, people hardly sawher at all. A few of the ladies had the temerity to call, but were not received, and the only sign of lifeabout the place was the negro man – a young man then – going in and out with a market basket.”(pg 34) Emily had no friends. She had no family. A few women came to see her, but she shut them out.They left, and they never came back. She was depressed and lonely. I’m assuming that she was so low,that she didn’t want to have any company. What she really needed was a friend. She had lost her daddyand then the only other man she loved. And without the knowledge of her man passing away, the towntook it as an act of meanness. Without anyone to talk to, she felt as though she were in a prison. But thisis where she and the other woman differ. Emily liked to stay shut inside her home. She didn’t want to goout and socialize. Years later, after she had died, the townspeople found her deceased fiancé in a bed inan upstairs room. The unnamed woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” was very similar and somehow opposite of Emily.She, like Emily, was also alone. Shut in a room with no one to talk to other than the wall. The womanspoke of escaping her room; leaving and seeing the earth around her. This is how they differ. She neverwanted to be alone. She wanted nothing more than to get away. She wanted to die being stuck insidethat place.“I thought it was a good time to talk, so I told him that I really was not gaining here, and that I wishedhe would take me away.” (pg 222) The woman was kept there by her husband. She was taken there against her will. Despite manyefforts and her begging to leave, he just wouldn’t take her home. Her husband was the cause of herloneliness and depression.3.Analysis Sheet 2see document

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English 1102 Week Two Analysis Sheet
Read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Conner
Read “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner
1. What was your first thought that the short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” would be about?
2. Where did the problem begin and because of tradition, could it have been different in this
3. “A Rose for Emily” is also grounded with tradition, so what events lead Emily to her craziness
and to her demise?
4. Ultimately Emily love Homer, so why does she do what she did?
5. In “Young Goodman Brown,” “A Rose for Emily,” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the
community and the towns play a major impact in their lives and what transpires. Explain each
story and how this is true and what impact the community or town has.

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