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7 sources 3 scholarly source3 popularand one to choose scholarly or popularThe are different topics so you can choose which one you like more How media reacts to the terroristic attacks done by muslims and people withother religion?2. Despite the fact that all modern countries has powerful defense versesterrorism how terracts are still occuring in the most protected places?(9/11,London center and etc)3. Is Islam a weapon in the hands of other people? (conspiracy theory)4. Why terroristic organization often appear and located in the places full of oiland gas?So it should be related to the islamic terrorism

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College Writing: Writing Project #2
Annotated Bibliography: Researching the Conversation
Draft Due: Tuesday, October 24 Final Due: Tuesday, October 31
Once you have posed a fruitful question about your topic, you are to research that subject further.
The purpose of this research will be to delve deeply into conversations (both popular and
academic) surrounding your topic. Once you better understand the arguments, terms, concepts,
and ways of thinking associated with the topic, you will be better equipped to develop what you
want to say about it. You must, in other words, understand what “they are saying” before you can
“put your oar in” and develop a strong “I say.” To share the results of this initial research, you
will write an annotated bibliography.
What is an Annotated Bibliography?
An annotated bibliography (AB) differs from a references page in one primary way – rather than
only providing citations for the collected sources, each item in the list is followed by an
annotation which describes the source, evaluates it, and explains its value to your individual
research and project.
An AB in general has two purposes: (1) to describe your research and the existing conversations
around your topic; and, (2) to provide a path for other scholars to pursue their own research and
contribute to the same conversations. The goal of this particular assignment is to provide you
with a broad and deep understanding of a subject – and in particular, the conversations
surrounding your chosen subject (not just the “facts”) – so that you can more effectively write an
essay about that subject.
What Form Should this Annotated Bibliography Take?
Annotated Bibliographies can take a variety of forms. For this assignment, you will list seven
sources and follow each with a numbered list of responses to these prompts:
1) The category of the source (the genre and type of source – from the categories below).
2) A brief summary of the source’s thesis or purpose (do not copy from an abstract – write
this yourself).
3) A quick list of the author’s key points, highlighting key phrases and concepts (write this
yourself). This should add specificity to the summary that you have provided in #2.
4) How (specifically) this source can be useful to you – i.e. what it provides you with that
may be useful in understanding the subject, developing the surrounding conversations, or
otherwise when writing about the subject.
5) Contextual information: the biography or credentials of the author, the expertise
or reputation of the publication (for a journal or magazine, etc.), and/or how it
contributes to an existing conversation.
Breadth and depth of research is important. Breadth refers to a wide variety of sources.
Depth refers to complexity. You need a basic introductory understanding of your topic and
lens, obviously, and you can get that from textbooks, Wikipedia, and from quick web
searches. But I want your AB to reflect understanding of the complexities of the topic and
the conversations surrounding it. So, first give yourself that basic introductory
understanding, and then begin collecting sources that go deeper. Those sources that “go
deeper” should be the ones that you use in this bibliography.
What Categories of Sources Will I Need?
Your AB must include seven sources. In order to meet the basic requirements of this assignment,
you will need:

Three current (within the last 10 years [2007-2017]) news, magazine, or (edited and
reputable) blog articles.
Three articles from scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals.
One additional source of your choice (either popular or scholarly) that develops the
conversation surrounding your topic (i.e. it does not just provide facts/statistics).
How Should I Format the AB?

Use your research question as the title of the assignment.
The source listings must be double-spaced per APA; your responses to the five prompts,
however, can be single spaced.
The entries should be organized alphabetically (by the first word in the citation).
Follow general APA guidelines otherwise in the formatting of the citations, and the page
itself (Chapter 46 in Easy Writer).
Deadlines and Value
We will examine sample annotated bibliography entries prior to completing this assignment, but
we will not be having individual meetings. We will, however, have a peer review workshop on
October 27.
This assignment is due to Blackboard on Tuesday, October 31. It is worth 25% of your course

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