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HBR Coursepack: “Apple’s Future: Apple Watch, Apple TV and/or Apple Car”,
Case: 716401-PDF-ENG, 2015.

Apple Watch: Did the Fashion Team Get it Right? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

iPhone killer: The secret history of the Apple Watch (Links to an external site.)Links to
an external site.

TV Subscriptions Fall For the First Time As Viewers cut the cord
Bloomberg News article, courtesy of (Links to an external site.)Links
to an external site.
1 – Given Apple’s existing product portfolio, are watches, TVs and cars the right focus for
Apple? Why or why not? Provide evidence to support the decision to keep or remove the
products from the company’s product portfolio.
A.Do you believe Apple’s TV strategy is on track or does the value proposition
need an adjustment?
B.Should they focus on building a TV, a new type of device, or just offer
service-based streaming content?
C.What would it take for you to subscribe to an Apple TV offering?
Car/Driving: Consider Apple’s product portfolio, which of the following would
be most ideal and a better fit for delivering customers a better “driving
–Enter the car market by developing a CarPlay product offering
–OR co-develop a new product with an innovative partner, such as Tesla?
Provide an explanation for either decision.
SmartWatch: Google, Samsung and other Android providers continue to build
“smart watches” and currently dominate the market.
A.How can the Apple Watch have more of a competitive edge?
B.What do you think they should do in the wearables technology space?
Which of the 3 product lines above do you believe
is most attractive for Apple, and why? Take into consideration potential
profitability and long-term customer loyalty.

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