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***MY STANCE ON PAYING COLLEGE ATHLETES IS AGAINST***1. 3-5 Pages in length2. Introduction, 3 body paragraphs (two points and a counter/refute) and a conclusion3. Minimum of one embedded quote per body paragraph with proper citation4. One embedded quote must be a “long quote”5. One graphic with proper citation AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE6. MLA formatting including correct (in-text) documentation7. Works Cited Page8. Must have atleast 4 sources: Two articles or the stance you will be taking, one article against the stance you are taking and one for the graphic9. Must spell out words, DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS 10. NO PERSONAL PRONOUNS 11. Limit the use of he, she, they, them and it12. Spell out all numbers zero-ten13. Arial or Times New Roman 12 pt font14. Must have thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph (Must state what your paper will be about and the position you are taking) Overall required elements:Formatting: Intro, paragraph1. Hook2. Provide background for thesis3. Lead into thesis (hint at thesis)4. Thesis (State the issue and your position on the issue)FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH:1. First Point2. Commentary3. Evidence to support this pointSECOND BODY PARAGRAPH:1. Transitional phrase with second point2. Commentary3. Evidence to support this pointTHIRD BODY PARAGRAPH:1. Transitional phrase with counter argument2. Refute the counter argument3. Evidence to support this pointCONCLUSION PARAGRAPH:1. What did I say?2. What does it mean?3. Why does it matter?***EACH BODY PARAGRAPH MUST HAVE A DIRECT QUOTE (can be a long quote), PARAPHRASE AND SUMMARY QUOTE. ALSO NEED ONE GRAPHIC WITH PROPER CITATION***

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