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1. Select one of the following Ecologism subtopics:a. Modernist Ecologyb. Ecosocialismc. Eco-anarchismd. Ecofeminism2. Identify: In 100 words minimum or more define the Ecologism subtopic you chose.3. Interpret/Think Critically: Find a news article related to the Ecologism subtopic you chose. In 100 words minimum or more describe how the Ecologism topic you chose relates to the article you selected.a. Do not provide a summary of the article.b. Do explain how your topic is illustrated or supported by the article.c. Use any legitimate news source to locate an article. If you would like assistance searching for articles, consider using this link (which does have a heavy focus on UK news). d. Be sure to include the title of the article, the source of the article (i.e. CNN, NPR, etc.), the day it was posted online, the author, and a link to the article (if applicable). (This information will not be included in the word count).

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