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4 questions Complete exercises for week 14 activity.1.Download the attached files (Activity week14.docx)2. Solve the problems with steps.3. Submit the Word file as an attached file on Blackboard.

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ETM 319*001 (Fall 2017)
Assignment 7
Acceptance Sampling
Due date: 11/20/2017
1. (P.167-1)
A real estate firm evaluates incoming selling agreement forms using the single sampling plan
N = 1500, n = 110, and c = 3. Construct the OC curve using about 7 points.
2. (P.167-5)
For the sampling plan of Exercise 1, determine the AOQ curve and the AOQL.
3. (P.167-8)
A leading computer firm uses a sampling plan of n = 50 and c = 0 regardless of lot sizes.
Construct the OC and AOQ curves. Graphically determine the AQL value for a = 0.05 and
the AOQL value.
4. (P.167-11)
Construct the ATI curve for N = 500, n = 80, and c = 0.

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