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7 questions in project management

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Problem 1: Assume the network diagram shown in Figure 11-21 Megan is responsible for
activities A and C. Use the critical chain methodology to resource-level the network. What are
two options for redrawing the network? Which is the most efficient in terms of time to
completion for the project? Show your work.
Problem 2: Consider the following activities and their durations. The original project schedule,
using early activity starts, what is the critical path? How much slack is available in the
noncritical path? Reconfigure the network as a critical chain network. What is the new duration
of the project? How long are the project and feeder buffers?
Problem 3: Reconfigure the network in Figure 11.21 using the critical chain approach.
Remember to reconfigure the activities to late start where appropriate. What is the original
critical path? What is the original project duration? How Figure 11.21 11.4 Assume the network
in Figure 11.22 with resource conflicts. How would you redraw the network using a critical
chain much feeder buffer should be applied to the noncritical paths? What is the length of the
project buffer? Assume the 50% likelihood is exactly half the duration of current project
Please show your work using a MS Office tool like Word, PowerPoint, or
Please complete Chapter 12 Problems 1, 2, 3, 6.

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