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1. An interactive process in which requirements are converted to a working system that is continually revised through user collaboration is known as: A. Business process reenteringB. Joint application designC. Nominal group techniqueD. Prototyping2. Arguably, the most instrumental person to the successful completion of any project is the: A. Software developerB. Department managerC. Project managerD. Staff consultant3.” Inheritance” and “Classes” are key features of: A. The tradition SDLCB prototypingC extreme ProgrammingD Object-oriented analysis and design4.Agile methodologies work well for projects with unpredictable or dynamic requirementsA. TrueB. False5. The choice to acquire software from outside sources should be made: A. at the beginning of the analysis phaseB at the middle of the analysis phaseC. At the end of the analysis phasesD. At the end of the design phase6. The SDLC used in a “waterfall” context typically maximizes continuous user feedback throughout the analysis and design phaseA trueB false7. to succeed as a systems analyst in leading systems analysis and design projects to a successful conclusion, the most important skill for the …. analyst is expert-level proficiency in hands-on tasks such as software development.A trueB false8.Explain why information requirements determination (information gathering) in systems analysis has such a profound impact on the quality…ultimately completed and implemented system. In your expiation, also include the potential outcome of a systems analysis and design. Which the information requirements determination efforts are inadequate.9. the critical path in project management is so-named because it is the set of the most difficult task in a project.A true B questions are typically asked by the interviewer when the time frame for analyzing interview results is short.A true B false11. In order for a prototype to be useful in gathering feedback on a proposed system interface, all features of the prototype of the interface must be functional T/F12 A potential drawback of the use of prototyping in systems development is a tendency to avoid formal documentation. T/F 13.In information systems planning, an advantage of the bottom-up planning strategy is that it provides a broader perspective of …… than does a top-down planning approach. T/F14. A completed information systems project product may still be considered to be a failure even when all scope, time ,and cost go… T/F15. the first phase in the SDLC is Analysis A true False16. in the SDLC analysis phase, requirements structuring must take place before requirements determination can be completed. TA trueB false17.the correct acronym for a leading global professional association for project management isA MPIB IPMC PIMD PMI18. a “walkthrough” is a review process that is a very effective way to ensure quality of information system.A true B false19. in a numbered list. Identify four issues in project management of information systems project that may contribute to the low success rates in this type of project. For each issue identified, provide a convincing justification of why it tends to be problematic. (this is a 20 -point question)20.1) identify and clearly describe two typical responsibilities of a system analyst in the workplace. 2) for each of those two responsibilities…….. identify the major skill sets needed for each responsibility for the system analyst to be successful21. In relation to project management 1. expand the acronym “WBS’2. identify the components of a WBS3. explain the overall purpose the construction of a WBS serve in project management ( in other words ,what would be the drawbacks to not identify… for a project?)22. Provide a minimum of two clear and concise guidelines to advise a systems analyst on when prototyping might be considered as a viable alternative to other methods of determining system requirements.23. Identify and explain what you consider to be the two most important skills needed in order for a project manager to lead a project to a successful conclusion. Next provide a strong justification as to why you believe they are essential skills for success in project management.24. In a numbers list, identify and explain at least two factors that have a potential impact on selecting the optimal systems development methodology by an organization.25. The Gantt Chart view in Microsoft Project actually represents the WBS for a project in some detail.TrueFalse26. When using observation as an information requirements determination strategy, the best results are achieved when the employees being observed are conscious of the fact.TrueFalse27. Identify and explain at least two major potential drawbacks to using a waterfall development methodology in systems development.

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