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500 Word count, 2 Scholarly source, Reference, In-text citations, APA format for each source used, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation marks. Must answer each part of questions. No cover sheet.
Melvin, S. & Katz, M. (2015) The Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice / Edition 2
You are a lawyer for a large corporation. One day, a co-worker and acquaintance named Erica calls you and tells you that she has just been fired from her job at your company. According to Erica, around six months ago, she filed an internal company complaint against her supervisor John for addressing unwanted sexual comments to her. Erica tells you that the company investigated John, and she was told that he received a “verbal warning” as a result. Afterward, John began giving her negative job performance reviews and writing her up for infractions such as returning back to work from lunch five minutes late. Erica tells you that yesterday John told her that she could take the next morning off to run some personal errands. When Erica arrived at work today just before noon, John fired her for tardiness, and had the company’s security guard immediately escort her off the premises.
a. Does Erica have any potential legal claims? If so, what are they, and what evidence might she want to collect before bringing suit?
b. Assume that you decided to inform the company C.E.O. of the situation, and now she has asked you for your advice. What steps would you suggest to her for the company to take to address the situation with an eye towards limiting any potential legal liability?
Support your answer with facts and statistics you have researched. Please cite at least two (2) separate references using proper APA format.

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