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Campus Resources Assignment
You will visit a campus resource at Fullerton College or any campus you may be looking into
transferring to in the very near future. Be creative in your presentation by providing pictures,
videos, stats, etc. use your creativity.  You may use power point, or prezi as long as you can
upload and I can view your presentation. The power point presentation should include the
following information about the Campus resource you select. (Some possible resources: Veteran’s
center, Career center, Transfer center, Athletics, Math lab, EOPS, Financial Aid, Library, etc.)
1) Name of Campus Resource you visited include a contact number.
2) Physical location; where on campus it is located. (Building number, room number)
3) Available materials; for students and faculty, staff. (Handouts, website, fliers, etc.)
4) Technology that is used to interact with and assist students. (Signing in, app, etc.)
5) Intended mission of the program/resource (What is the mission statement)
6) Population served (student’s, alumni, Veterans, community, etc.)
7) Availability to the population; do you have to make appointments, can one just drop in, do
you have to be a student, etc.?
8) Assessments used, if any, to assist students. (how do they determine the assistance
student’s need?)
9) Outreach opportunities (How do they promote this resource to the college/community)
10)You will interview at least 2 users (students) of this resource ask them about their
experience using these services and the quality of service. (They may remain anonymous,
just give me brief feedback; you can use quotes they give as well).
11)Provide a personal evaluation of the resource; is it user friendly, did you find information
quickly or was it difficult to get assistance, etc.?

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