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1. case requirement:“Amazon/Detroit. (around two pages, double space)VI. SWOT Analysis. There are 4 parts. A. StrengthB. WeaknessC. OpportunitiesD. ThreatsPlease ONLY analysis to the point of C.Opportunities in Detroit. Amazon opened the new headquarters in Detroit, the requirement is analysis the opportunities of amazon company in Detroit area. “2. The attached file is my work, the Professor’s comment is” Your Opportunities section is a little confusing. You jump around between internal and external points (things controlled by Detroit vs things they cannot control). You also transition a lot between talking about Detroit and then talking about Amazon.” Please revise the case, or you can write by your own. thank you!

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Amazon Opportunities in Detroit
Amazon Opportunities in Detroit
Amazon is one of the leading retailers in the world, and its success is attributed to the
increase in its online presence. The aggressive strategies that the company uses help in
improvement of the margins of the company and this guide the expansion strategies in the
different states. The retail industry in Detroit is well developed, and this means that the
strategies that Amazon implements should enhance the need to be competitive in the market and
in focusing on the different incomes of the households that facilitates their need to spend on the
stores. The need for the boosting of the sales of the company is essential as there is an
improvement in the demand that is created by the strategies that the company implements. The
retail market in Detroit is large, and this is an opportunity for Amazon to capture the market and
this helps in increasing the competitive measures of the organization.
The expansion of the company is an opportunity that helps in focusing on the competitive
factors that help the company in competing in the markets. The need to focus on the markets that
are less saturated and whose potential is high such as Detroit is essential in helping to increase
the profitability of the company as it helps in the management of the expectations of the market.
There is need to analyze the competitive factors in the organization as it guides the corporation
of the e-commerce measures and the need to manage the expectations of the market (Donici et
al., 2015). There is the recognition of the developed economies, and the role that they play in
increasing the efficiency of the organization encourages the development of the marketing
The branding of the products is an important strategy for the company, and this helps in
focusing on the methods that the company uses in the differentiation with the other competitors.
Aggressive marketing in Detroit helps in ensuring that there is the management of the changes
and the need for the integration of the different brands of the products. The competition created
in the Detroit market encourages the need for the improvement of the profitability of the
company. The use of the online payments is important in encouraging the adoption if the
opportunities where the consumers need security over the online transactions (Ratnasingam,
2006). There is a need for the management of the issues that the consumers face and this is
enabled by the improved margins and the improvement of the measures of the payment of the
With the advancement in the Detroit market, there is the increase in the opportunity of
enlarging the portfolio of the company, and this is important in focusing on the profitability in
the long run. The position of the brands is important in helping to ensure that there is an increase
in the partnerships and the improvement of the role that the company plays in the strengthening
of the markets. The focus on the expansion strategies into the retail market and the analysis of
the changes in the preferences of the consumers is essential in guiding the company on the
implementation and the success of the markets. The needs for the translation of the revenues
from the strategies used are essential in encouraging the role of the company in the markets
while focusing on the management of the costs of the company.
Donici, A. N., Maha, A., Ignat, I., & Maha, L. (2012). E-Commerce across United States of
America: Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition, 15(1), 252-258.
Ratnasingam, P. (2006). A SWOT analysis for B2C e-commerce: the case of International Journal Of Cases On Electronic Commerce, (1), 1.

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