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1.Why are spindle fibers important for mitosis? (5 points) b. c. d. b. b.Explain why crossing over is important in meiosis. (5 points) b. a.Explain the difference between mitosis and cytokinesis. (3 points) b.When does mitosis occur during the cell cycle? (1 point) b.Prophase d.Anaphase e.Telophase/cytokinesis b.Prophase d.Anaphase b. c. a. b. c. 16.What are haploid cells and diploid cells? Which stage during meiosis are haploid cells formed? (4 points) 17.Why is it important that haploid gametes be produced in animals? (4 points) Key components of critical thinking and application include the following: Demonstrates application and comprehension of the scientific principles.Relevant content is supported by facts, data, and detailed examples. 2.Displays competence in applying scientific knowledge to your personal or professional life. 4.The application paragraph is organized and structured.

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