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1) Cliff is a small child who likes animals. One day, he is playing in his backyard when a neighbor’s cat runs into the yard and jumps onto Cliff’s mother. She gives out a huge, blood-curdling scream, which frightens Cliff so much he begins to cry. Since then, Cliff has been afraid of cats and cries when he sees them. Conditioned stimulus ____________________ Unconditioned stimulus_________________________2. A company is trying to market a new beer called HAPPY LIFE. Its advertisers have created a TV commercial in which a sexy woman flirts with a young man as he drinks the beer. The company hopes there is a positive response to the commercial and that young men will buy HAPPY LIFE the next time they are looking for a beer.Conditioned stimulus _____________________ Unconditioned stimulus ________________________3. Olive has been pulled over several times for speeding. Each time, she first hears the police car’s siren, and then she is given a ticket. Getting the ticket makes her feel tense and upset. Now, when she hears a siren—even from a fire truck or ambulance–she feels tense and upset.Conditioned stimulus _____________________ Unconditioned stimulus ________________________4. Joe is a recovered alcoholic. When he was drinking, he always went to the local bar “Cheers” and drank with his friends. Now, even though Joe is sober, he feels a craving when he passes Cheers.Conditioned stimulus ____________________ Unconditioned stimulus _________________________5. Cara’s boyfriend wears the same after shave lotion. When he kisses her, the kiss always turns her on. Now, when she smells that after shave lotion—even on another man–she gets turned on. Conditioned stimulus _________________Unconditioned stimulus ___________________________For the following questions, fill in whether the person inbold typeis using negative punishment, positive punishment, negative reinforcement or positive reinforcement.6. Your father promises that you won’t have to mow the lawn or wash the car this week end if you baby sit your little brother while he is out of town _____________________________________________________7. The Probation Department orders a teenager to clean a neighborhood park for two weeks for spray painting on the walls of the part gym _________________________________________________________8. Even though you’ve sworn that you won’t smoke marijuana again, you go back on your promise because smoking takes away all of your tension and anxiety ______________________________________9. Your mother promises to let you go skiing next month if you first agree to visit your boring relatives with her next weekend ____________________________________________________________________10. In order to try to help you stop smoking, you decide to light each cigarette with a dollar bill.______________________________________________________________________________________

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