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1. This should be addressed to Cynthia Holliman-Watkins,Presentations place a spotlight on you and allow you to maintain and even build your credibility. When you know what you’re talking about, audiences judge you as competent. When you show that you are interested in the needs of your audience, they decide you as caring. When you offer your views honestly and transparently, audiences judge you as having character (Cardon, 2013).Attention-Getter can be a challenging experience when you’re presenting a presentation to keep the attention of your audiences; you have to stick to the topic, keep the introduction short, speak clearly, Smile and have eye contact. When presenting a presentation keep the audiences intrigued with the issue (Attention-Getter).My Community presentation will focus on the Elderly; my passion is to help the elderly. Helping the Elderly is my heart desire, The Elderly, of our communities, may not have anyone to help them with, some chores, like shopping for them, a friendly conversation, cutting their grass. I’m looking for individuals to help the Elderly, and volunteer your time to the person that just want someone to help them. If you decide to help the Elderly, I must do a background check, fingerprint, and take a picture of the individual that’s volunteering to take care of the ElderlyI am hoping that everyone at this meeting takes the time spend some time with the Elderly if alone a few minutes, just to let that person know that as communities we still care and love them and at any time they need us we will be there.2. This should be addressed to Yvonne Huddleston,An attention getter is to draw a person’s interest and engages them from the forefront. One of the most effective was is to get a person’s attention is to make them laugh. Make people laugh or having humor is a great tactic when it works, even though it may not work for everyone(Cardon, P., 2013). When making people laugh or trying to humor the crowd, if it makes the presentation fall flat, the presentation will usually begin badly. Sometimes using laughter or humor can take away the attention from the key message(Cardon, P., 2013).Instead of remembering how great the presentation was, the audience will remember the poorly made joke as that could become a problem. The main goal of the attention getter is to get your crowd emotionally invested in the presentation and involved in thinking about your ideas(Cardon, P., 2013). There are seven of the most effective attention as they; 1. Rhetorical question and that is to ask the crowd and question and they are to ask them a question and the presenter gets an answer back., 2. Vivid example and it is to capture the crowd’s attention with a storyline so they can envision it; 3. Dramatic demonstration and it is to give the audience a sense of reduction in production and improvement; 4. Testimonial or quotation and this looks at the testimony of the client; 5. Intriguing statistics and this looks at the exciting statistic for the small business owners to help meet their needs.; 6. Unexpected exercise and this is for people whom attend workshops and do not expect to get involved early in the beginning.; 7. Challenge is to get the audience to think of how the content of the presentation applies to them(Cardon, P., 2013).First impressions are not able to get away from, but it is important when giving a speech or presentation. If the person that is presenting the speech or presentation do not grasp our attention, the crowd will not mentally tune in(Norelius,David, n.d.). You may have spent time putting your speech together and if the crowd does not find it interesting and if an attention getter is not applied, all hope is lost. However, this is the time to be assertive and to force the crowd to listen to you. There are ways to get the crowd to listen and they are; telling them a story, asking a question, using comparisons, and telling a joke(Norelius, David, n.d.).

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