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1200 wordsyou have to select a non profit organisation in Australia everything is on the word doc

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Choose a not-for-profit organisation* and analyse the following seven aspects of community
1. Potential for sustainability (financial, environmental and from the perspective of the volunteer);
2. Need for volunteers;
3. Treatment of volunteers versus paid employees;
4. Point of differentiation within the community;
5. Positive or negative issues regarding the sustainability of the organisation;
6. Relation to theory discussed in class and
7. Stakeholders concerns.
* Some examples of not-for-profit organisations:
Australian Council State Emergency Services, Australian Council of Social Services, The Smith
Family, Balmain Rugby Club, Cancer Council NSW, Councils, Universities, Public Schools, St
Vincent de Paul, Surf Life Saving Australia, Child Fund Australia, OzHarvest, Core Community
Service, The Salvation Army, Volunteering Australia, Faith-based organisations, National
Association of Community Legal Centres, Community Legal Centres NSW, Townsville Community
Legal Service Inc., RSL Clubs etc.
Useful resources on Community Organisations:

An Overview of the Community Sector

Townsville Community legal Services Inc.

Community Groups – City of Sydney

Community Organisations in South Australia
Please refer to the attached files:

A Guide to Community Sustainability Indicators (Refer to pages 383 and 390).

Building Sustainable Communities

Sustainability Learning Guide Involving the Community
Include research on organisational analysis, decision making and change in organisations and
sustainability for not-for-profit organisations; include a minimum of 3 references (academic/scholarly
Due Date: 5 pm, 27th October Friday
Submission: Via Turnitin on Leo as a word document – Case Study

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