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A good research paper on VF Corporation.A few comments:1. The research should contain a few more details (ie., where did VF Corp start – it started as Vanity Fair in the lingerie business). Your team will serve as consultants for a group of individuals who want to learn more about the VF Corp.2. APA Format – Abstract is it’s own page3. A few of your own observations should be added into the paper.


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Company Analysis Part 1
Adam Long, Bhumi Shah, Leirong Chen
Southern New Hampshire University
Professor Morgiewicz
VF Corporation is a clothing and apparel manufacturing company. They are the parent company
to many popular brands including Timberland and The North Face. Operating worldwide, VF
Corporation has factories in several different regions but is based out of North Carolina. The
category that interests consumers the most are the Outdoor & Action Sports merchandise.
Although total revenue has decreased in the past year, gross profit has increased consistently in
the past 3 years. VF Corporation does have a few potential risks it sees in the near future. Some
big news included the deal which sold the Licensed Sports Group Business to Fanatics.
Form of Business
In October of 1899, VF Corporation was first established in Pennsylvania as a
manufacturing company by John Barbey and a group of investors. VF Corporation is a private
independent company. A sole proprietorship is someone who owns the business and is personally
responsible for its debts. A partnership is an arrangement in which two or more individuals share
the profits and liabilities of a business venture. A corporation is a legal entity that is separate and
distinct from its owners.
Type of Business
VF Corporation manufactures different types of apparel. At VF Corporation, the
consumer is their priority. They would do anything to meet the consumers’ needs. Learning who
they are, what they value, what they think, how they shop, and what they buy help VF
corporation to design products and experiences they care about. They value shareholders and
make choices that hold the consumers’ loyalty for years to come. By connecting with the
consumers, it helps to find out what the company must update.
VF Corporations world headquarters is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It
originally was located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania in 1998. The reason behind this change is
global expansion and industry leadership. The company’s revenues have also doubled because of
the relocation. “The move to Greensboro was critical to building VF into what it is today,”
Shoener said. There are over 650 VF Corporation factories worldwide. North America has 57
factories, Europe has 51, Central America has 61 factories, South America has 41 factories,
Africa has 26 factories. Asia has the most with 411 VF factories. The Middle east has the fewest
with 6 VF factories.
Type of Work
VF Corporation provides merchandise in four different categories: Outdoor and Action
Sports, Jeanswear, Imagewear, and Sportswear. There are 11 brands under VF Corporation in the
Outdoor and Action Sport segment while accounting for over 60% of total sales. Jeanswear
makes up around 15% of total sales through 7 different brands. Imagewear consists of
occupational workwear and uniforms along with Licensed Sports Group businesses. This makes
up 9% of total sales through 3 different brands. Sportswear includes only two brands making up
for around only 5% of total sales.
Services Provided
Consumers can purchase different products provided by VF Corporation in various
different ways. Direct sales are available online through ecommerce or in a retail store found
worldwide. There are over 25 manufacturing plants located in many regions along with more
than 30 distribution centers. Sales are made in specialty stores, department stores, national
chains, and mass merchants.
The current number of employees working under VF Corporation is around 69,000
people. VF targets people all around the world while they have manufacturing and distribution
centers placed worldwide. With the majority of sales going to Outdoor and Action Sports, VF
Corporation scopes in on that demographic the most when advertising. VF Corporation owns a
fair share of popular brands that suit the needs of many different people.
VF Corporation has seen growth in profit every year since 2014. There was a significant
increase from 2014 to 2015. Moving onto 2016, VF Corporation did see a drop in total revenue.
Cost was also lowered which resulted in increasing gross profits for the year.
Total Revenue
Cost of Revenue
Gross Profit
Potential Risks
One challenge VF Corporation has been dealing with is providing better work conditions.
There was a report of a death due to chemical exposure combined with heat exhaustion. In
Bangladesh there had been 1,240 workers lives taken which led to VF Corporation to invest $17
million toward health and safety in that country for factory upgrades.
VF is selling its Licensed Sports Group Business to Fanatics. This may be a risk as
revenue will decrease. Cost will decrease as well though as a trade off that could potentially lead
to more gross profit.
The North Face and Timberland are two of the biggest brands under VF Corporation.
These two brands continue to be popular among consumers. If the popularity of these two
dropped for any reason, VF Corporation would take a huge hit when it comes to company
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