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“Criminal Liability and Criminal Responsibility” Please respond to the following:According to the text, all crimes have two essential elements: (1) the physical act or omission (i.e., actus reus) and (2) a mental requirement known as criminal intent or purpose (i.e., mens rea). Compare and contrast the required elements of liability as an aider and abettor in the commission of a crime versus the required elements of criminal liability under the common design or plan. Provide one (1) example of each liability in question to support your response.From the e-Activity, discuss the ages at which a child may be held responsible for violation of a criminal law. Distinguish between the method of imposing criminal liability upon a child under age seven (7) and a child of age fourteen (14). Include one (1) example of each method to support your response.LECTURE 1…LECTURE 2…Week 3 e-ActivityUse the Internet or the Strayer Library to research articles on the age of the juvenile delinquency, and take notes on the methods that the juvenile court system takes to impose criminal liability upon a juvenile delinquent. Be prepared to discuss.

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