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1.Select any chemical whose first letter begins with the first letter of your last name.Based upon the information in chapter 15, write a one-page overview of the types of general information you would like to gather prior to beginning air sampling for this chemical.(12 points) Using other sources, list two pieces of specific information you located that you need to know about this chemical before you begin the actual air sampling. Be sure to cite your sources.(8 points) (20 points total) 2.Describe the theory of operation for any five of the direct reading air sampling instruments discussed in chapter 17. (15 points) For each of these instruments, list an approximant vendor sale or rental price for the instrument with supporting documentation. (10 points) (25 points total) 3.The AIHA recently authored a publication on the “Future of Sensors”.Describe two areas where you think the information presented in the publication will have an impact on the future of industrial hygiene sampling.(10 points) 4.A facility that you are employed at has requested that you perform aerosol sampling.They have no sampling equipment, and you are required to obtain two types of aerosol sampling devices.Answer the following questions regarding aerosols (20 points):What types of aerosol sampling devices would you consider purchasing? (5 points) How do these devices measure aerosols? (5 points) How is aerosol inhalation related to lung disease? (10 points) 5.Write a one-page overview of the major components present in most drug-free workplace policies.(10 points) 6. Discuss the how anatomical and/or physiological make up of the skin make it susceptible to chemical injury.Be sure to include in your answer a brief overview of the structure and function of the skin, and at least three specific examples of toxic chemicals that adversely affect the skin by different mechanisms or pathways.(15 points)

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