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1.Discuss, in detail, the SWOT Matrix. Describe each component of the matrix and discuss its strategic implication. Discuss the use of the SWOT Matrix in strategic analysis.2 Compare and contrast the BCG Matrix and the IE Matrix. What are the benefits and limitations of each?3. .Diagram and explain the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM).Describe the positive features and limitations of this analytic tool.4..Discuss the differences between strategy formulation and strategy implementation.5. Compare and contrast the different types of organizational structures: functional, divisional, and matrix. Describe each and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.6. Although there are many marketing activities that impact the success or failure of strategy-implementation efforts, three activities are indicated in the text as being especially important. What are these three activities? Discuss why they are so important.7. .Discuss the major R&D approaches for implementing strategies. Discuss guidelines used to determine whether a firm should conduct R&D internally or externally.8. Discuss Rumelt’s four criteria for evaluating strategies. List and describe each of the three strategy-evaluation activities.9. .Discuss the four different perspectives related to the Balanced Scorecard and explain what the Balanced Scorecard attempts to balance. Identify and explain the questions that must be asked when using Balanced Scorecard Analysis.11 Discuss the reasons why preserving the environment should be a permanent part of doing business. Describe a sustainability report.12. .Discuss the potential advantages to initiating, continuing, and/or expanding international operations.13. Explain the concept of protectionism. Discuss the role that protectionism plays in global commerce

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