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1-2 paragraphs only for each questionGOVERNANCE OF MANAGED CARE ORGANIZATIONSQ1: Grants are a major way to provide health care services to the poor and needy in our country. Additional discussion thoughts: What is a grant? What is the name of a health care grant and its purpose? Provide your source of information in your research. Q2: This is how I see most health care organizations upper and middle management.The board is heavily involved in planning and overseeing operations/CEO.The CEO is involved in planning and heavily in overseeing operations/Directors.The health care organizations and CEO’s are very busy. They really need team work to keep up with things. I am hoping to get on a health board again. It is very political because the politicians want their friends on board that will follow their suggestions.Do you think the politics is a big part of executive jobs? Why or why not?

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