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1) The purpose of the following assignment is to develop a program/ treatment plan and community restitution plan for the following juvenile offenders. I understand no family, social, or education history is provided. This assignment is designed so a recommendation can be based on the OFFENSE not the OFFENDER.Develop a treatment recommendation, community service hour recommendation (# of CSR hours assigned and activity) in addition to any recommendations you see fit, such as incarceration at the Juvenile Detention Facility. If this is included in your recommendation include the recommended incarceration length. Â Provide an explanation behind your recommendation.Develop a juvenile probation plan for the following juveniles who have committed the following offenses. a.(Johnny) Possession with intent to deliver crack cocaineb. (Sam) Burglary of an automobilec. (Mike) Vandalismd(Lizette) Aggravated assault on her 70-yr old grandmotherAssume that these juveniles have no criminal record.2) Find out what the State statute concerning waiver to adult court. How do they feel about the issue of trying juveniles as adults? At what age do you think juveniles should be tried as adults?

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