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************No PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED. Will result in a withdrawal. I need great quality work from you.********************First, I need you to complete this short question that should be 150 – 200 words long. This assignment will need to be completed within 8 hours of when we start.Confidence in the MediaDo you trust “media?” What media do you typically access to “know” what is going on in the world? How do you reconcile differing perspectives that arise in the media world – how do you know who’s telling the truth?For added thought – is this important? When did we ever “know” the truth?Complete a Research Paper Draft(First attachment is my introduction paragraph for this essay. It includes the topic which is Halloween so use it.)The Research Paper draft may be only five or six pages (It’s only a draft.) MLA format. The final of the Research Paper will be 10 pages. There should be some use of references, but a Works Cited page does not have to be part of the Research Draft.Complete a Research Paper Final copyHere are the requirements for the Final Research Paper:Topic: You can write on a topic of your choice. However, your topic must be limited its scope in order to write effectively. Do some preliminary research. Consider current events. Narrowing the scope of the topic will allow you to better formulate a thesis.References: References are required for this essay. You must have at least six references, three of which must be scholarly books or articles from academic journals. Any particular reference may accessible from the internet, but it must originate from an academic anthology or journal or academic press and be citable as such. Your other references can be websites or additional articles and books. Under not circumstances will Wikipedia appear as a work cited.Format: The final essay is to be at least 10 pages, following MLA format: typed, double-spaced, 12-point font in Times New Roman with one‑inch margins.Create an Annotated BibliographyFor this assignment (which is part of the Research Paper), you will construct an Annotated Bibliography utilizing three (3) references you have found for the Research Paper.The format of the Annotated Bibliography will follow MLA format (double-spaced, hanging indention, etc.(The second attachment is an example of what the Annotated Bibliography should look like)


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Sean Ashkenazi
Professor Jack Ahrens
October 11, 2017
English 103
Halloween Research paper
Halloween is a culture and a tradition that people never outgrow. Although the origin of the
festival is unclear, it carries some sentimental value and is full of symbolism and hidden
meanings. Historically despite its gothic symbolism, it still has some religious connections. Its
origin is from the ancient times to mark the end of the season of harvest and the start of winter
which is symbolical of ‘the dark times.’ It was the period when the boundary between the
supernatural world and the world of the living thinned allowing monsters and fairies to cross
over to the real world. Despite its spiritual connection, the festival is a symbol of the interaction
of the good and bad but in a harmonious relationship. For children, it is a chance to experience
the thrill of fear in the company of others. Halloween is a symbol of the calm and the turbulent
perspectives of life all entangled in the spirit of festivity, generosity, and togetherness.
Hannah Jackson
Professor Ahrens
English 101
August 13, 2011
Stem Cell Research: An Annotated Bibliography
Holland, Suzanne. The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Debate : Science, Ethics, and Public Policy.
MIT Press, 2001. This is the annotation of the above source. If I was really writing an
annotation for this source, I would now be offering a brief summary of what this book
says about stem cell research. After a brief summary, it would be appropriate to assess
this source and offer some criticisms of it. Does it seem like a reliable and current
source? Why? Is the research biased or objective? Are the facts well documented? Who is
the author? Is she qualified in this subject? Is this source scholarly, popular, some of
Senior, K. “Extending the Ethical Boundaries of Stem Cell Research.” Trends in Molecular
Medicine. 7 (2001):5-6. Not all annotations have to be the same length. For example, this
source is a very short scholarly article. It may only take two or three sentences to
summarize and another two or three sentences to evaluate. Even if you are using a book,
you should focus only on the sections that relate to your topic
Wallace, Kelly. “Bush Stands Pat on Stem Cell Policy.” CNN. 13 August 2001. Notice that in
this example, I have chosen a variety of sources: a book, a scholarly journal, and a web
page. Using a variety of sources can help give you a broader picture of what is being said
about your topic

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