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1. What are some of
the tools economists use to analyze consumer decisions on what to buy?2. On the
demand side, what are some exceptions to the rule that when Price falls,
Demand rises?3. How do interest rates affect Household savings? On mortgage
interest rates, let us revisit adjustable and fixed rate mortgages.
Which of these types you want to recommend to the home buyer. Please
explain from the viewpoint of the home buyer/consumer preferences. 4. Choose one of the
following, explain/define the concept and give it a real world
application: a. marginal rate of substitution b. substitution effect c. perfect substitution d. income effect e. budget constraint 5. In a democracy like ours, what is your understanding of the
general rule of political economy? What are some of the problems
associated with political economy? Please cite some real world examples.6. What is your understanding of Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, and Applied Economics?7. What is your recollection from previous discussions about
asymmetric information? In one of the author’s applications
of this concept. the city is considering two ways to help the needy: 1.
giving them cash or 2. giving them free meals. Give your argument for
doing no. 1. Give your argument based on asymmetric information as to
why no. 2 is better in doing than no.1 ? Please explain.8. What is your understanding of a shadow price? How does this
differ from a normal price? Please cite some real world applications of
the concepts.

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