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(This is Second time I am posting the same question. So please Bids from Tutors familiar with writing White Papers or Enterprise Architecture concept Only. Previous Tutor lacked the subject expertise and did not follow many instructions.)Please Read the Instructions Carefully and You have to follow all of them.PART- 1Your paper will be the result of investigation into one of the areas of technology as specified below. Once you have identified a hypothesis, your review of recent literature will gather information on the experiences of others in implementing/managing similar technologies and be used to defend your position.Enterprise Architecture (Whitepaper) APA Style Only:What type of Enterprise Architecture is it? What type of EA framework is utilized? What types of disciplines and processes were involved?How was the role of the Enterprise Architect affected, or how was the role of Enterprise Architect received?What was the maturity level of the Enterprise Architecture at, or achieved?Notes/Guidance:Select a company or system that you are familiar with, have used, or want to learn about. Evaluate the Enterprise Architecture from your research and defend your response. The report will be a minimum of 3000 words and this shall not include the cover page, index page, and bibliography page. The bibliography shall contain at least 5 citations from appropriate books/journals. (Not including the course texts).PART- 2Research Paper Presentation: (Prepare and present your Whitepaper):No ColorTranscript is required (Word Doc)No more than four bullets per slideMinimum 1.5 – 2 minutes per slideNo AnimationMinimum presentation time is 12 – 15 minutesYou need to submit transcript and power point presentation together before due date.

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