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IEGR 360
Ergonomics and Workplace Design
Fall 2017
Assignment VI
Due: 10/19/2017
Chapter 5: Work Physiology
1. Explain “oxygen debt” and “oxygen payback” in the oxygen uptake profile of human body.
2. Describe the importance of using empirical formula for estimating maximum heart rate. Why do
not we assess the actual value instead of estimating it?
3. A male and female both 35 years old, have oxygen uptake value of 32.0 mL/kg-min. Determine
their aerobic fitness and explain why there is a difference in the fitness level.
4. Change the values in Example 5.1 to the following and solve:
Heart Rate (bpm)
VO2 (L/min.)
5. A male 30 years old and weighing X lbs has the same data as in (4) above. If his
PWCLBW is 35.00 mL/kg-min, find the value of X.
6. A female X years old and weighing 150 lbs has the same oxygen profile as in (4) above
with estimated heart rate of 185 bpm. What is her age?
7. A male employee 38 years old has his HR elevated to 160 bpm while performing a task. If a
maximum of 50% of maximum estimated HR is acceptable, do you consider the task suitable for
the employee?
8. Find the endurance time (ET) for an individual with PWC of 3.5 L/min performing a task
requiring 5.5 l/min
9. If a given task energy requirements are 5 Kcal/min and an individual’s resting requirements are
2.5 Kcal/min, find work/rest periods for an eight-hour work shift.

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