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1) In your view, what traits, practices, and approaches make for a ethically effective business leader? Why? (1 Page)2) Can public policy (i.e., laws) either make and/or incentivize ethical business behavior? (1 Page)3) When a person wears more than one “hat” – that is, has more than one “role” to consider – ethical dilemmas arise around determining how the more important duties will be identified and fulfilled.Use examples and information from role expectations having to do with self interest and obligations to the groups which you are involved.How can ethical dilemmas arising from role conflict be avoided? What principles or guidelines might enable decision-makers to decide which role should drive their decisions?What is the relationship of risk management to ethical decision-making by a business? Offer examples from your reading for this week or from other sources on when making decisions strictly on the basis of risk management might not be in an organization’s best interests? (1 Page)

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