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(1) A Scholarly Academic Journal/Article must be used pertaining to healthcare (i.e. nursing, hospital, medical care). However you could type in the search engine: “ethics case study nursing” or “ethics case study healthcare” and etc. (2) Subheadings must be included for each paragraph. Subheading should be titled: Introduction, Intervention/Solution, Possible Interventions/Solutions, Case Outcome, Cultural Issues, Ethical Principle, Conclusion. (3) Plagiarism will be checked through the software (4) Please read the Rubric and Paper Instructions carefully. One of the criteria is to “Explain at least two ethical principles involved and how the principles apply to the case” this can be found in the Ethics Principles file I uploaded. I have worked with you before and I liked your work. Hope to be satisfied this time as well 😉 Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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