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1-An example of a moral proposition isa- “I feel sick.”b-Nothing can be both A and not Ac-you should not treat people badlyd -Her hair is brown.2- Similar moral principales exist in all societies is a view supported bya-relativistsb-absolutistc-colonialistsd-deconstructionists3–The greatest problem in the absolutism/relativism debate is how to introducea-stability and creativityb-courage and honestyc-freedom and libertyreason and evidence4—The Theory of emotivism states thata-moral propositions only express feelingb-all emotions in morals are badc-emotions in morality must be balanced with reasond-we should get back in touch with our emotions5–in ethics ,there is only one single type o moral propositiona—trueb–false6—Relativists hold morals are relative toa–cultureb-individualsc-Situationsd-all of the above7-Moral relativism is the belief that morality is subject to change according to places ,situations ,people ,and culturesa-True b-false8—-According to the author of the text , truth is relativistic.a-Trueb-False9-Ethical relativism claims that different cultures have different views and their values differ. Therefore there is no culture better or worse than other.a-Trueb-False10-Moral relativism can’t be used as an argument.a-Trueb-false

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