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1-What steps should one take to head off an attack of ransomware?2-What are the differences between rootkits, worms, viruses and trojans?3-What techniques can the bad actors use to masquerade or divert attention from attack vectors?4-Describe RSA encryption for public/private keys, the mathematical mechanism that makes it work, and what future technologies could invalidate our means to ensure encrypted transmissions.5-Describe the amplification effect of large-scale DDOS attacks.6-Why are bot-nets so hard to detect and eliminate?7-Explain the vulnerabilities in the network protocol TCP/IP that make it a target for cyber exploitation (give an example)8-Name the important aspects of four-part access control and how they eliminate risk for organizations?9-Explain the telemetry mechanisms the security community uses to foster its threat intelligence.10-Explain the process of creating a business continuity plan and how to assure it will work?11-When building targeted attacks, name 3 things that you would incorporate to make sure the attack reached its objectives?12-f you were a bad actor, what tactics would you use to maintain anonymity throughout the attack?13-What things can be done to prevent sql injection attacks?14-Name three reasons why the man in the middle attacks are particularly nefarious?15-Name and justify the top three threats to our network of networks in the coming decade?16-What is the number one mechanism that security operations can do to deter cyber attacks?17-How do security policies help protect the security triad?18-Explain how the security review cycle limits risk to the organization?19-Where is the most dangerous city on the Internet? And why?20-Explain the benefits of the concept of depth in cyber defense and what aspects limit its effectiveness.?

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