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1) The first thing you should do is to make sure your Excel worksheet is up to date.
Then for each of your stocks (only need to do stocks no other investments) I want you
to find the standard deviation of all the closing prices for each stock. In Excel, for those
of you who are not Excel savvy it is easy to find the std dev. The first thing to do is to
create a cell near the end of the time you had the investment (for example if you had a
stock for the first 3 weeks of the course and then sold it you should have the close and
volume for each of the days you held the stock. On the last day go to the cell to the right
and type =stdev Either your computer will automatically give you a ( or you should add
one. Then highlight all the days for the close and then hit ). This will give you the
standard deviation (much easier then doing it by hand). Do the same thing for the
2) For each day of the course (you can use 3/30 if you like for the last day to make it
easier) get the prices for the S & P 500. This can be found easily from Yahoo finance
and getting historical prices. Once you type the info into Yahoo go to the bottom of the
page and hit download into spreadsheet. When this is done you will see that it starts
with the latest date and goes to the earliest date. We need just the opposite so highlight
the whole page and then hit the arrows in Excel to change the order. You should then
have it in the correct order. Copy and paste this info into your spreadsheet and find the
std dev of the S & P 500. To find out what the std dev is as a percentage of the value of
the stock (and S & P) divide the std dev by the price of the stock. You can use the
average of the price of the stock or S & P 500 during the life of the time you held it but
to make life easier you can just use the last day you held the stock.

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