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Please read the case and finish the following questions Case Questions 2-4. Do you think globalization and MNE activity are creating problems for the world? What kinds of problems can you identify? What are the unintended consequences of international business? 2-5. Summarize the arguments in favor of globalization that the business executive made. What is the role of technology in supporting company performance in a globalizing business environment? 2-6. What are the roles of state and federal governments in dealing with globalization? What is government’s role in protecting citizens from the potential negative effects of foreign MNEs conducting business in your country? What kinds of government actions would you recommend? 2-7. What is the role of education in (i) addressing the problems raised in the roundtable; (ii) creating societies in which people can deal effectively with public policy issues; and (iii) creating citizens who can compete effectively in the global marketplace?


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