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1. Your research papers must have a cover page indicating the course, instructor, your name, date, and topic, as well as a separate Bibliography (a works cited).
2. You must use the MLA (Modern Language Association) style to write this paper. This reference is particularly important for quotations and your list of sources. Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated in this class
3. Each paper should consist of 1,500 words of double-spaced pages with one-inch margins (in #12 font size). Cover pages and reference pages do not count toward the total number of pages in this assignment.
4. Though I am more concerned with how well you cover the subject, I will pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Your paper should focus on the controversy in the case.
5. Choose one of the court cases from the approved list below (SEE BELOW (ROE vs WAD). These are cases that originated in the state of Texas, yet became so controversial that they ended up in the Supreme Court of the United States. At least part of your paper should report how the case was addressed in the lower court contrasted with the ultimate decision of the US Supreme Court.
(you should have at least four collegiate level sources). Also, you should have at least five citations in the body of the paper to properly develop your argument.
Approved Court Cases
ROE v. WADE (1973) – Does the Constitution embrace a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy by abortion?

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