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Have you ever thought about how you could improve your major? Perhaps you have taken a required class for your major that you found did not best serve the overall major or you may have wished that a class was required for the major because it would better prepare students in your major for their future professions. In an essay of 800 words argue for the addition or deletion of a required class for your major (e.g., not general education requirements and so on). To support your argument, use two relevant sources, such as your department’s website/handbook, academic or professional journals, or articles. Keep in mind that you will enhance or detract from your own ethos based upon the sources you choose. You might find it useful to consider what sources will help you best support your claim–your thesis. Would a journal article, for example, best help you, or would a course catalog from another university best support your claim? You will need a works cited (MLA) or references (APA) page for this paper. If you are unsure about a source, please check with me. You may not use Wikipedia or equivalent sources for this essay. This is a thesis driven essay. I encourage you to use a “because clause” for your provisional thesis because doing so will help you use a claim and reason in your thesis. Be sure to explain and support your reasons while also giving details about the class you would add or delete so that a reader outside your discipline will understand what the class is about and how it relates to the major. It is important to remember that you are not making an argument only about what would be best for you. Your argument is about what would best serve the students in your major in terms of deleting or adding a required major course.

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Negar Keramati
Assignment 2- Draft 1
English 3003-05
Professor Ireland
Studying in colleges and universities in United States is very costly. According to Briana
Boyington’s article “See 20 Years of Tuition Growth at National Universities” the average cost
of tuition for in-state, private and out of state universities has been increased by at least 200
percent! This number is very huge and many families and students would get loans to be able to
go to colleges to get their degrees. With this amount of expenses, the students really want to get
to the point that they can afford paying their debts back to the government and live a decent life.
So basically time is very limited for people to learn and get enough knowledge and experience
that as soon as they come out of school, they can find a good paying job to manage their
expenses and debts. In this essay, it is attempted to discuss about my own major which is
biological sciences at college degree level. Biological science is studying living organisms and
nature. There are many students who are interested in biology as a step to their future goals.
These goals can be different, one can aim for PhD program, or to go to medical, veterinary or
dental school and some might want to settle for a job right after school. Attending colleges and
universities are very useful in providing necessity education for this field, yet biology bachelor’s
curriculum coursework alone cannot prepare students for what real life is, because it does not
focus enough on different on demand laboratory experiences, nor project based courses that
needs team work. Instead it requires students to take many general education classes which
cannot be very helpful for their job search or higher education. General education classes are
good but they should be optional, to help students who are undecided about their major. With the
limited time of students and high expenses, students need to be more focused on what is mainly
needed for their future life as holder of biology bachelor’s degree.
Biological science is about asking a question and finding a way to give a proper answer
to that. Although it is a necessity for students to have a clear understanding of concepts before
even making a proper scientific question, it is very crucial for biology majors to get hands-on
experience with every lecture class they are taking. Without hands-on experience, the students
may forget concepts faster than when they actually see and feel the procedure. Also without
having experience, it is very hard for students to find a job, or even be successful in graduate
school. Because it is expected from a student who holds a degree in biological science field to
know some techniques and laboratory skills before going further with their education. Let’s use
an example for this statement, in microbiology lecture, the student has heard the Professor stating
that bacterial cells divide and multiply very fast and when that student sees the picture of a
bacteria cells dividing in their text book they can memorize the concept and maybe have an
understanding of that, yet they never grew and saw an actual bacterial cell outside of the book’s
image nor the Professor’s statement. On the other hand, in job market, the employer requires the
student to know the technique to grow bacteria, know how to use a microscope and work as a
team beside understanding the concept to even consider them for their job. Without having the
laboratory course, how can the poor student who has paid for tuition as well as their time, learn
this technique and skills required for the job? But if the university requires student to take the
lab course with the lecture at the same time, the student will have a chance to actually work as a
team, grow their own bacteria, see how they multiply in real life under microscope and ask and
answer different questions that may come to their own mind or their partner in lab work. With
second scenario that the student had to take the laboratory course beside lecture, not only they
gained experience for the job’s requirement, but also it is almost impossible for them to forget
that concept.
There are many different courses that are offered by universities and colleges that are very useful
for students, but setting the right requirement for those classes is very essential, because of the
expenses in United States education system. For example, there are many required general
education classes that every student has to take in order for them to get their degree, yet so many
of those classes must be optional. For example, one of the required courses for almost all
students to take is history and sports. Although both of these classes are useful for students, but
these classes must be optional for those students who are undecided about their major, or the
ones who are financially capable of paying for tuition and want to have some more knowledge in
those fields. I have my bachelor’s degree in Molecular Genetics, and for getting my bachelors I
was required to take fifteen units of different classes such as ethics, history and sports. Although
all of the courses are important, yet I could have saved that tuition money to enroll for another
bioscience class to learn more techniques and concepts to have more knowledge in the field of
my choice. According to Elise Martorano’s article “ General Education courses should not be
required” combining the time that general education classes will take from a student’s life will be
about two whole semesters or one year of education which is about twenty five present of the
time that they spend in their undergraduate education. For example, for a student like myself
who gets loan to afford being in college, with each semester adding to my lending, I will end up
having more expenses and debt. This debt can at least be for a class that will help students like
myself to get a better chance of getting a job after graduation. With setting right requirements for
students, the university can help them to save more time and money and learn more to help with
their educational path.
Having higher education is very important for all people to have. With getting college
degree people will have a better understanding of each field, as well as getting a higher chance of
getting jobs. There are many courses that are not offered as a requirement for students and some
required courses that will not be very helpful for student’s goals achievement. For instance,
participating in history of art’s class might not be very helpful for a biology major to land into a
job, or get admitted into graduate school. Instead of required history class, that student can save
that tuition and time and enroll for another biological laboratory class that is offered in other
campus to learn a new technique. Although having general knowledge is very good, yet with
education system in United States and expenses, it is necessary for students to learn as much as
they can during the time they set for themselves and families to be in college. After getting
decent jobs and being able to afford living, then they can choose to come back to schools for
taking those classes.
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