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Have attitudes changed as we move from early Native American Literature into later and present-day writings? What writers, along with specific examples, might you cite that represent this shift? What is the focus now and how does it compare to other minorities we have explored? Feel free to compare an early writer to a more recent writer (1945 and after). Discussion expectations defined: You will be asked to select a quote from the reading each week to incorporate in your first discussion post. This means that you will also include an in-text citation and reference for each quote (Author, year, p. X). Your post should be around 200-250 words in order to receive full credit. here is the the reading this week Charles Alexander EastmanWinona, the Child Woman from Old Indian Days (courtesy of Project Gutenburg)Helen Hunt JacksonA Century of DishonorSherman J. Alexie, Jr.FlightN. Scott MomadayThe Priest of the Sun Simon J. OrtizMen on the Moon

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