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1.Holland’s Occupational Environment TheoryAs a person moves through adolescence, it is common for him or her to consider different jobs that he or she may be interested in pursuing when he or she becomes an adult. For this discussion, think about the different career choices that have interested you throughout your life. Then, complete the following:Beginning at about the age of 12 and ending with where you are now, what are the careers that have attracted you most? Explain.According to Holland’s occupational environment theory, which is also known as the self-directed search, what would you expect your personality type to be? Why?2.Effects of Parental Trait and Familial RelationshipsThere are a variety of parenting styles that are involved during adolescence. For this discussion, identify two that you have either witnessed or experienced and describe how this parenting style can positively or negatively affect an adolescent. What parental traits are most important for the positive development of an adolescent? Be sure to support your post with concepts from the assigned readings.3.Adolescent Birth ControlFor this discussion, take a position for or against the following statement, and explain your position:Adolescents should receive sexual education and be given various types of birth control in school.In addition to the assigned readings, use at least one peer-reviewed source to support your position. The Capella library is a good place to start.

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