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1- Answer the following questions, based on the material in Chapter 7, Development Strategies.
2-Describe the concept of software as a service rather than a product. Is this an important
trend? Why or why not?3-What are three typical reasons why companies develop their own information systems?
What are main steps in the software acquisition process? What is an RFP, and how does it
differ from an RFQ?
4-Explain the relationship between logical and physical design.5-How has the proliferation of mobile devices affected IT professionals? Sandy Shores Time Shares
Sandy Shores Time Shares is one of the largest time-sharing and rental brokers for vacation cottages
along the North Carolina coast. After 10 successful years of matching up owners and renters, Sandy
Shores decided to acquire a computerized reservation and booking system. Tim Burns, the owner of
Sandy Shores, read an article about software packages, and he asked you, as an IT consultant, for your

Would the new reservation and booking system be a horizontal or a vertical application? Explain
your answer.

What software development and acquisition strategies should Sandy Shores consider?

Conduct an Internet search for online reservation systems, software, and services that Sandy Shores
might consider. Describe your findings.

As a systems analyst, what would your role be in helping Sandy Shores develop a new system?
Would the acquisition strategy affect your role? Why or why not? IT News and Views
You are a staff writer at IT News and Views, a popular online newsletter aimed at IT professionals. Your
editor has asked you to prepare a special report for next week’s edition. Specifically, she wants you to
research the subject of software outsourcing, and other significant trends that might affect software de-
velopment in the future. She wants you to cite specific sources for your information, including current IT
employment statistics and employment forecasts from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
1. Search for information about software outsourcing generally, using the search techniques described
in Part D of the Systems Analyst’s Toolkit.
2. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics site at and search for information about employ-
ment trends affecting systems analysts, computer programmers, and software engineers.
3. Does the Bureau of Labor Statistics offer any comments or insights into the subject of outsourcing
generally? What conclusions does it reach?
4. In your report, comment on whether the offshore outsourcing of IT jobs is just another step in the
progression that began with manufacturing jobs, or represents a whole new trend. Be sure to cite
Web research sources and your own reasons.

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