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A pipe made of copper is tightly attached to the support at A and torques are applied to it as shown,
determine the absolute maximum shear stress developed in the pipe if it has an outer diameter of
40mm and an inner diameter of 30mm.
A solid shaft of diameter 50 mm is used to transmit the torques applied to the gears. Determine
the absolute maximum shear stress in the shaft.
The axle below consist of tubes AB and CD and a solid section BC. If the gears, fixed to its ends,
are subjected to 85-N m torques, determine the angle of twist of gear A relative to gear D. The
tubes have an outer diameter of 40 mm and an inner diameter of 10 mm. The solid section has a
diameter of 40 mm. (Use G = 75 * 109).
The solid steel shaft below is 4 m long and has a diameter of 30 mm. If the angular velocity, w of
the shaft is 131 rad/sec and the shaft is not required to twist more than 10, determine the power
transmitted from engine E to the generator G? (Use modulus of rigidity, G = 75 * 109).

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