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A website will include a home page that introduces the audience to the site, and a minimum of three other pages that educate, engage, and empower the audience to act, as well as a Works Cited page. The sources used in the written argument also can be used in the multimodal argument.and add a short video of self-driven cars and make it orgainzed and nice

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Homepage: Self Driven Cars Demand on the Rise
Electric vehicles are cars that at least run partially on electrical power, unlike the conventional
cars that use diesel or electric powered engines. Electric trucks and cars utilize electric motor that
is powered by electricity from a fuel cell or batteries. The self-driven vehicles will first be used
by people living in the big cities of United States where infrastructure is well developed. The
home page should come apart from word content have pictures of self-driven cars which will
attract potential audience go through the argument or even make a phone call to inquire more
about the vehicles.
Educate: Should we adopt self-driven Cars?
Self-driven cars are cars that lack driver as the name suggests, the cars are convenient for they
can serve at any time of the day or night without any fatigue. The vehicles may also at times
have a breakdown and lead to complete undelivered of services. Most urban citizens know very
little concerning self-driven cars and are for this reason that they are not concerned to know
about their availability or even how they operate. This has been caused by the fact that they are
not able to get enough information and even when they do, the info is crude for it is from
unreliable media such as Facebook. To keep the audience more informed the website will keep
them updated on new developments in the service.
Engage: Self Driven Cars Are Efficient
The self-driven cars do not need anyone on board provided that they are well charged. Their
operation is computerized, and so they will move to any location on demand. This is critical in
ensuring that a commodity is delivered on time and need without considering human-related
factors. The audience will know how the transport system provides that customers get value for
their money through timely delivery of services. They will also understand how the service is
cross board by covering delivery of parcels, shopped commodities and even taxi services among
other unfolding services. They deliver up to the expectation of the 21st century where everything
is computerized. The audience will also learn much about the advantages of green energy used
by this vehicle to their general health. This is so critical especially at a time when cancer-related
cases are on the rise in the United States dues depletion of the Ozone layer by greenhouse gases,
released mostly after combustion of fossil fuels.
Empower: The cars reduce accident and Environmental Pollution
The self-driven carts, unlike human-driven vehicles, have an airbag system that cut the flow
of power from the battery which results in fewer injuries. The vehicles also have fewer chances
of causing accidents for they have high tech sensor system. They also solve the problem of
traffic is some states since they observe traffic rules entirely, unlike human-driven cars. The cars
may contribute to zero environmental pollution especially in circumstances where green energy
such as wind and solar power are used. This is opposed to gasoline or diesel driven vehicles
which produce the poisonous carbon two (II) oxide and carbon (IV) oxide which is toxic. They
also reduce the overdependence on petroleum products whose supply is diminishing.
The cars are also some negatives especially when it comes to recharging points which are not
available all over. This means that if the charge is over, the vehicle will not wholly deliver as
opposed to a human-driven car where local arrangements can be made. They also take some
hours to recharge meaning they will not perform on those occasions. Given the vehicles are
computer-driven, the program that controls them may at time fail to lead to complete collapse of
the transport system. With are all that said and done, the world is in great need of self-driven cars
to deliver a reliable transport system. The few disadvantages associated with self-driven vehicles
compared with the many advantages are therefore like a drop in the ocean since their benefits are
so many, People should, thus, make use of this car whenever they are in a position.

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