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a 7-10 pages essay

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Paper Topic 2
Original Due Date: Nov 3rd.
Extended Due Date: November 11th by 11:59 p.m. via
Choose one of the following essays. Do not answer more than one.

This assignment should be between 7-10 pages in length.

The paper must be written in size 12 font, double spaced, Times New Roman and use
proper citations. You may use any citation style you wish, as long as it is consistent
throughout the paper. Do not include a cover page. This cannot count towards your
final page count.

Do not adjust the margin size to make your paper longer than it appears.

Paper must be turned in via Edmodo.

Review rubric before you begin writing.

Limit your paper to 1 or 2 block quotes.
Style of paper:

This paper is primarily focused on a close analysis of the texts we have read in class. This
is not a “research paper”. You should not do much secondary research to write this paper.
If you do use secondary sources, you should use peer reviewed sources.

A peer reviewed source is something from a published journal, newspaper, or book. You
should not copy from other students papers that are available online, or copy and paste
from online sources concerning the text.

An important goal for this essay is to give a clear reading of the text. Focus on one or two
issues and explain them in as much detail as necessary. From here, I want to see your
analysis of the issue. Your argument can reject a view of an author, but it must be done
through strong reasoning and a clear thesis statement.
o A weak/unsubstantial critique: Hobbes fails to understand the reason why we
enter into society because he has no idea what he is talking about, which is
evident from his style of writing.
o A stronger critique: Hobbes fails to understand the reason why we enter into
society because his understanding of human nature is deeply flawed. Instead of
arguing that people are by nature self-interested, he should allow for the
possibility that there is another type of motivation.

A strong thesis statement will not only provide a strong critique as seen above, but it will
also provide an outline for the rest of the paper.

Students may use the first person, “I”, in the paper.
Choose one of the following. The same rubric applies.
1. Throughout Suicide and The Division of Labor, Durkheim develops theoretical strategy
concerning the relationship between the individual and society. Explain Durkheim’s
understanding of this. Do you agree or disagree with his arguments concerning the role of the
individual? Either defend his view from potential objections, or raise possible problems with his
2. The role of women within society has been a contested issue within our discussion of classical
social theory. Compare both Charlotte Perkins Gilman/Engels’s defense of the role of women
against Emile Durkheim. In what ways would they disagree on the proper role of women in
society? Whose position do you view as the most reasonable? Explain how each solution fits
within a broader theoretical framework. Assess the framework as well.
3. In the beginning of The Division of Labor, Durkheim suggests that he can develop a science of
morality to study society comparable to the way in which a biologist studies an eco-system.
Assess whether or not Durkheim is successful in his development of this theory. In what ways
does Durkheim’s understanding of solidarity fail or succeed? Either defend Durkheim against
possible critiques, or critique his view. Provide examples and textual evidence.
****Advice for all topics: Make sure to answer the question fully. Then assess the argument you
present with potential objections to your view. These would be the counter-arguments. Resolve
your paper by addressing the counter-objections.*****

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