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150-200 wordsSelect one of the stories assigned by your instructor, and develop a response to the following:Identify the point of view used in the narration of the story. Provide a specific example from the story to illustrate your argument. Discuss how this perspective affects your reading and interpretation of the story. Consider how a different type of narration might alter the effect of the story. Point of view refers to the perspective from which the story is narrated. First person: In first person, the story is told from the perspective of the narrator, using first-person pronouns. (“We are driving off the bridge!” I screamed.)Second person: This is not commonly used. In second person, the narrator addresses the reader as “you,” which gives the audience the feeling that they are a part of the story. (Example: As you drive off the bridge, you scream, but no one hears you.)Third person: The story is told using third-person pronouns (“The car is driving off the bridge!” he shouted), and the narrator is either godlike in the ability to see and know everything (third-person omniscient) or not all-knowing with knowledge limited to the perspective of only one character (third-person limited). TipsRemember to provide evidence for your claims in the form of quoted passages from the story. Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries should be cited according to APA rules of style, including in-text and reference citations. Quoted material should not exceed 25% of the document.

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