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“Is the public funding of stadiums and facilities for professional sports franchises beneficial for the city or is it welfare for the wealthy? “Each response paper is an individual effort; no collaboration is permitted. 3-4 pages double-spaced. Grading is 70% on content and 30% on writing. Response papers should: – State the issue. – Summarize both sides of the issue using original statements or paraphrasing. Do not quote other characterizations of the issue and avoid plagiarism by restating the positions. – Develop an argument and use some evidence or examples to support it. Where appropriate, include multiple points to summarize, support and counter arguments. – Cite and reference only the evidence used to support the arguments. Use proper reference form (author, year of publication, title, publication information).FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IT IS NECESSARY THAT YOU FIND YOUR OWN REFERENCES. YOU MAY INCLUDE THE REQUIRED TEXT AS A SOURCE.REQUIRED TEXT:Judd, Dennis R.,Kenneth. Swanstrom,Todd City Politics. 8th Edition. ISBN-13:978-0205032464PLEASE FOLLOW THE ABOVE OUTLINE AS GIVEN WHEN FORMATTING THIS WRITTING ASSIGNMENT.

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