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“PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WHATEVER WE ARE WRITING WILL SHOULD BE RELATED TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SINCE THIS IS AN COMPUTER SCIENCE SUBJECT, WE NEED TO SHOW WHAT “IT development environment in the Health Sector” DID WE FIND IN OUR RESEARCH AND OUR RECOMMENDATIONS TOPIC: “IT development environment in the Health Sector” Question 1 : PAPER Final paper must follow the one of the provided templates and include, at minimum, the information below. In addition, this assignment uses the SafeAssign originality and plagiarism-checking tool. Title Page (1 page separate from other pages)Table of Contents (pages as needed and separate from other pages)List of Tables, Figures and Appendices (pages as needed and separate from other pages)Abstract (1 page separate from other pages)Introduction (pages as needed) Chapter 1 o Problem Statement o Research Question (s) o Rationale (pages as needed) o Definitions (if applicable) (pages as needed) o Hypothesis (if applicable) (pages as needed) Literature Review (pages as needed) Chapter 2Methodology (pages as needed) Chapter 3Research DesignDescribe and define the research approach or strategy used and how this approach was appropriate for this research Participants Instrumentation Procedure Data Processing and Analysis SummaryResults (pages as needed) Chapter 4Discussion (pages as needed) Chapter 5Conclusions (pages as needed) References (pages as needed and separate from other pages) (minimum of thirteen (13) peer-reviewed, professional references)Appendices (if applicable) (pages as needed and separate from other pagesNO PLAGIARISM, APA FORMAT, 40-45 PAGES Question 2 : PPT Your final presentation will be Face-to-Face for Hybrid sections of IST 8101 and online for Distance sections of IST 8101. The presentation must be a Microsoft Office PowerPoint file (.ppt or .pptx) uploaded to Blackboard. Be sure to review the Presentation Rubric before completing the assignment. Students without presentations uploaded to Blackboard before the start of class will not present their work. The presentation must be between 10 and 15 minutes covering the following information: Project introductionDescription of the issue, project, problem (problem statement)Overview of up to 4 Iterations (Action Research) or overview of your research findings/results (Traditional Research)Overview of what went well in the projectOverview of what could be improvedOverview of what you learned about:Project managementFollowing proceduresYourselfDo not include what you learned about programming, programming languages, applications, or any other technical aspect of your research PPT ATLEAST 10-15MINS WITH SPEAKER NOTES

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