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400 words: APA formatOver the last 15 years, the United States has enjoyed a steady decline in nearly every category of violent crime.The last few years, however, has seen a rising trend in the incidence of particular types of violent criminal activity. One area has seen a particularly steep increase: Hate crime.To prepare for this week’s Discussion topic, research and investigate the possible causes for these increases.The initial Discussion Board posting should meet the following criteria:Identify one or two possible causes, or contributing factors, behind these negative trends in hate crimes.In a couple of short sentences, briefly describe the information you found that supports this claim and where specifically you located the evidence (i.e., the UCR website).Identify which of the crime patterns you learned about in this unit from the UCR, which most accurately fits this trend, and possible cause. Make sure to show the data from the UCR!(Please note: You will not be graded on the basis of whether the causes and patterns you identify are “correct” or “incorrect,” but on your ability to explain your reasoning and complete the three steps above.)NEXT:After you have completed all of the Assignment in this unit, write a 300–500-word reflection Journal on what you have learned and what questions you may still have.2 separate papers

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