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500 words on a report on a concert that i attended. I provided a link to the video of the concert for you. Thank!

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The report should be typed in a 12-point font and in double-spaced format. The length
of the report should be at least 500 words and must include a word count. Please
include three clearly marked sections:
Part 1. Describe the concert in as much detail as possible. Report on the
instruments, whether there were singers, the mood and style of the music, the costumes
worn by performers, and anything interesting about the event. Identify all works
performed and comment on any cultural traits you notice.
Part 2. Discuss the music. Compare the features of the two pieces on the program
that you found the most striking or interesting. If possible, relate the music heard at the
concert to the music we have studied in class, utilizing correct terminology.
Part 3. Give your personal assessment of the experience. What surprised you the
most? What did you like most? What did you like the least? Based on this experience,
would you go to another concert?

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