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•oject Management Homework –Crisis managementProjects •You are the project manager of a $10 Million renovation project of the Old Science building on the X campus. Part of the project includes the removal and replacement of asbestos roofing material. During the course of the project due to negligence of a piping contractor you hired there is a natural gas leak in the building resulting in an explosion which blows a section of the roof off the building releasing a large amount of asbestos dust into the atmosphere around the campus and the East end of city where the school is located. Using the methods discussed in Chapter 24 (Managing Crises Projects) what would be the best approach in remediating the situation with the student population exposed to the hazardous dust, the East end community action group who is about to file a lawsuit. In just two pages(line size 12 and one space not double space between lines ) discuss the appropriate action, who are the stakeholders, where will you obtain the funds to perform the appropriate remediation, and how you will handle the news media. You also see on TV that several local law forms are running ads encouraging students and citizens to call them to obtain representation in a lawsuit claiming damage to their personal health due to asbestos exposure.

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