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“Backup and Restore” Suppose you are a DBA for WonderWorks, a large-sized company with 30 SQL server. Two (2) of the servers are considered critical, and the remaining are considered non-critical. You have been tasked to create a backup strategy for your database servers. Outline the benefits of using a backup model that uses full backups, differential backups, and transactional log backups. Justify the use of such a model to a CIO who is reluctant to spend budget on backups. Imagine you are a DBA researching an easier solution to back up your database. Review the article titled “Copy Databases with Backup and Restore” located at Then, briefly explain the benefits of copying databases with backup and restore. Determine whether or not you would use this method, and explain the reasons why or why not. “Security Issues” Review the following article titled “Common SQL Server Security Issues and Solutions” located at Next, suggest two (2) threats that you believe would be the most difficult to manage. Provide a rationale for your responseImagine you are a DBA for a midsize Accounting company. Every January your company hires fifteen (15) temporary accountants to help with tax season. However, the new temporary employees need to access the database. Outline the security concern(s) with allowing temps to access the database. Then, provide a solution to mitigate such concerns. “Security Templates” As a DBA, you are responsible for security. Provide three (3) reasons to complete a security baseline, and describe the key ways that the Security Compliance Manager can help achieve a company’s security goals.

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